Introduction to the Kabala Star of David

The Kabala Star of David

Several versions of Cabala have evolved throughout the ages. The ancient Hebrew Cabala contained seven sephiroth which is reflected by the seven pointed star (Star of David), the candelabra and the seven celestial bodies which were predominant influences prior to the discovery of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

– The Astrological Implications of the Cabala, by Tracy Porter, Angelfire (

Kabbalah teaches that G d created the world with seven spiritual building blocks—His seven emotional attributes. Accordingly, the entire creation is a reflection of these seven foundational attributes. They are: Chesed (Kindness), Gevurah (Severity), Tiferet (Harmony), Netzach (Perseverance), Hod (Splendor), Yesod (Foundation) and Malchut (Royalty).

Correspondingly, the Star of David contains seven compartments—six peaks protruding from a center.

The upper right wing is Chesed.
The upper left wing is Gevurah.
The upper center peak is Tiferet. Kabbalah teaches that Tiferet finds its source in Ketter, “the Crown,” which is infinitely higher than all the divine attributes which are involved in the “mundane” pursuit of creating worlds.
The lower right wing is Netzach.
The lower left wing is Hod.
The center is Yesod. Yesod is “Foundation,” and as such all the other attributes are rooted in, and give rise from, this attribute.

The star’s bottom that descends from its belly is Malchut—the attribute that absorbs the energies of the higher six attributes and uses them to actually descend and create everything—and “reign” over them.

– What is the Mystical Significance of the Star of David, (

* Mapping the Star of David upon the Lower Seven Sephiroth of Tree of Life *
Above Right- Chesed, Mercy
Above Center- Tiphareth, Beauty
Above Left- Geburah, Severity
Middle Center- Yesod, Foundation
Below Right- Netzach, Victory
Below Center- Malkuth, Kingdom 
Below Left- Hod, Splendor

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