A Star of David Diamond Discovery

A one-of-a-kind natural diamond with the design of the Star of David has been discovered, Hidabroot TV revealed…

The One and Only Star of David Diamond

The owner of the diamond wants his name kept away from the public eye, a relative told Israel National News. He said that experts told the owner, “If this is natural, go buy a Mercedes.”

However, realizing the significance of the discovery, the owner wanted it used for Jewish purposes and gave Rabbi Cohen, founder of Hidabroot, exclusive use for revealing it, so that it adds to the glory of the Torah…

Rabbi Cohen’s book includes a chapter on the Star of David and its significance in Judaism, noting that the six-pointed star represents the six days of Creation before the Sabbath…

– Star of David Design Found in Diamond, Linked to Kabbalah, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu








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