The Star of David is a Symbol of Heaven and Earth


Governed by the six-pointed Star of David composed of two interlocking Triangles.. one pointing UP from Earth to Heaven, one pointing DOWN from Heaven to Earth.. the Number 6 denotes “Heaven And Earth RELATING,”

– NUMEROLOGY: The “Life-Path” Numbers, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,

The star of David…is made up of equilateral triangles representing the trinity, three equal sides, one triangle.. One is pointing to heaven, the other to earth, representing the God of Heaven and Earth.

– What is the Star of David? by thereistruth,

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If we set aside the origins of the Star of David there is still plenty of intrigue relating to the emblem itself. Theological students have mulled over the symbolism of the two stars and various theories abound as to its meaning…In particular, many dwell on the upward and downward directions of the two stars, symbolizing Heaven and Earth.

– The Star Of David – Origins And Meaning, by Sharona Benjamin,

The thought of Heaven and Earth sharing one dimension brought a scripture to mind. Jesus taught them to pray ‘in earth as it is in heaven’. I was instantly impressed with the knowledge that somewhere on the earth there must be an exact duplicate of this pattern.

This pattern is not new, some of the names for this fusion [are]….“Seal of Solomon” and the Star of David”.


The star of David is an ancient Jewish symbol filled with significance. The two triangles that make up the star of David depict the two…forces in this world…Heaven and Earth, body and soul, and more. All of these are ruled by G-d, who is referred to also as Magen David – the protector of David.

– Star of David,

Thus the symbol also embodies all the elements in perfect order and balance. King Solomon’s Seal, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches Heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites…and the perpetual flow between Heaven and Earth, between the elements of air and fire.

– The Seal of Solomon, by Holly in Art and Symbolism,

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