The Seven -Day Star of David

Six pointed star- each point represents the days of the week (Monday to Saturday or the 6 days of Creation) the hexagon in the center represents the Sabbath (seventh day) A lesser known name is Creator’s Star.

– Star of David,


Many commentators have suggested that the message of the Star of David is linked to the number seven by way of its six points surrounding the center. The number seven, of course, is key to our understanding the world as a holy creation of God…In short, the world is holy, a place in which man and everything else created in the six days has the potential to revolve and evolve around its center, its core and its Creator. The Sabbath, the seventh day every week, is a reminder of this concept.

The Star of David and the Mosque, by Rabbi Benjamin Blech,


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A nSoDDaysofWeekew theory about what was actually the Seal of Solomon is to be found in a book “Le Sceau de Salomon, secret perdu de la Bible” (The Seal of Solomon, lost key of the Holy Bible, French language) by Janik Pilet. According to him, it was a source for holy inspiration used by several authors of the Old and New Testaments, and its drawing is described in the first text in the Holy Bible i.e. the creation in six days.

Seal of Solonon, Opentopia,

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