Is there a Star of David above the Eagle’s Head on the Dollar Bill? Survey says Yes…

The thirteen stars, representing the 13 original states, do indeed form the Star of David (also known as “Solomon’s seal”).

In G-d We Trust (All Others Pay Cash), Ask the Rabbi, Reb Meir Schuster, Ohr Somayach













CAMPBELL: Now, over on the eagle’s head are thirteen stars arranged in the form of a Star of David.
MOYERS: This used to be Solomon’s Seal.

The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell,Bill Moyers


KUBERevealingtheOneDollarStarofDavid (3) - Copy


U.S. government versions of the Great Seal show the constellation of 13 stars in a hexagram pattern (two triangles intersecting to form a Six-Pointed Star).

“Thirteen Stars Forming a Constellation”,




Over its head there appears a “glory” with 13 mullets (stars) on a blue field. In the current (and several previous) dies of the great seal, the 13 stars above the eagle are arranged in rows of 1-4-3-4-1, forming a Six-Pointed Star..

Great Seal of the United States, Wikipedia

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