2 thoughts on “The 777 Star of David

  1. Thanks for the blog, I am also doing research on the star, but could you please explain how it is 777? I would be very interested to know. I am not sure I understand the picture.


  2. DA’ATH – 1554 Hz – Knowledge/Void/Abyss/Voice of Shekinah. The secret, invisible “non-sephirah”, often called the Void and the Abyss. It lies in the center of a 6-pointed star between Keter-Tiphereth, Chokmah-Binah, and Chesed-Geburah. It is the coming together of Divine Knowledge from the Wisdom and Understanding of Chokmah and Binah, the Light and Beauty of Keter and Tiphareth, and the Love and Accountability of Chesed and Geburah. Da’ath, previously invisible and mysterious, is now revealing itself for the first time. It is the center of the Star of David that makes up Sephirah 1-6. Here lies the key to unlock the mysteries of the Kabbalah.

    Now that being true, drop down an octave from 1554 Hz – what do you get 777 Hz!!!!!! The merkaba can be generated by frequency, you need to take Ormus the tree of life, for a while, the philosophers tone to resonate your DNA. Also drop down another octave, 777/2 = 388.5 which sits perfectly between modern G at 391.995 Hz and Spiritual G at 384 Hz so its G!! Its the secret G chord of God, its the Freemasons G!! It will create merkaba if you meditate at 777Hz


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