The Pratik- A Hindu Star of David with a Swastika Inside?!

The above yantra is the symbol of Ananda Marga called the pratik. Pratik practically means emblem. The pratik is composed of two interconnected triangles where one points upwards and the other points downwards. This geometrical shape is also found the Anahata Chakra and it is called the Satkona. In the center of the triangle is a rising sun, and in the core of the rising sun is a swastika…


The Pratik is a symbol that expresses a universal ideology of Self-Realization and service to humanity.

Upwards pointing triangle: signifies work in the world, i.e. social work.
Downwards pointing triangle: signifies inner work, i.e. meditation.
The sun – the sum of work in the world and inner development leads to personal and spiritual development.
The svastika – Signifies personal victory, in the sense of spiritual fullfilment and salvation
Pratik, Ananda Marga @ Blogger

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