The Most Terrifying Star of David in History

At one of the most infamous Nazi Death Camps (called Treblinka), survivors of the Holocaust have given eyewitness testimonials that there used to be a large Star of David prominently displayed over the entrance door to the Gas Chambers! No, I’m not kidding. Here is an excerpt from the Historical Dictionary of the Holocaust-

Historical Dictionary of the HolocaustBy Jack R Fischelp267
Historical Dictionary of the Holocaust, by Jack Fischel, p. 267


Over in Camp 2 there was also the “bath.” It was a large concrete building standing on a cement platform. On its roof and visible from a distance was a wooden Star of David. Running through the middle of the building was a corridor. The entrance was covered with a red curtain.

– Oscar Strawczynski, Treblinka survivor

It turned out that we were building ten additional gas chambers, more spacious than the old ones, 7 by 7 metres or about 50 square metres. The building was laid out according to the corridor system with five chambers on each side of the corridor…The building when viewed from Camp No 1 showed five wide concrete steps with bowls of flowers on either side. Next came a long corridor. There was a Star of David on top of the roof facing the camp, so that the building looked like an old-fashioned synagogue.’

– Jankiel Wiernik, Treblinka survivor


And here is a computerized picture of what eyewitness at Treblinka actually saw-




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