The Apostle’s Creed and the Star of David

Given how carefully chosen the actual words used in the Apostles Creed, it is not at all implausible that its original authors did indeed intend on using words and phrases that could be represented symbolically with the Star of David and its two perfectly symmetrical triangles. Here is the Apostles’ Creed with white pointers indicating which phrases can be matched to the Star of David and its two triangles of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’




Even though these phrases from the Apostles Creed aren’t right next to each other, they consist of the 3 most important beliefs of Christianity. The first two phrases ‘I believe in…Jesus Christ, His only Son, our LORD’ can be best represented by the Star of David itself. There are two good reasons for this. First, Jesus Christ was descended from the House of David- due to the fact that both his earthly Father Joseph and Mother Mary were also members of the Royal House. Thus, Jesus Christ’s family Coat of Arms would be none other than the Star of David.  The second reason why this symbol is most appropriate comes from the two titles given to Jesus Christ. ‘His only Son’ refers to the downward-pointing triangle, while the upward pointing triangle would symbolize ‘our LORD’. The there 2 phrases seen further down can also be represented by the Star of David’s two triangles. As a whole, the correspondence between the Star of David and the Apostles Creed can be listed as follows:


Text of the Apostles’ Creed = Geometric Form
I believe in…Jesus Christ = Both Triangles of the Star of David
He descended into Hell = Downward-Pointing Triangle
He ascended into Heaven = Upward-Pointing Triangle



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