ANSWERS.COM- Why does Sarah Palin wear the Star of David necklace?

Mostly because Sarah Palin is both a Republican and a Evangelical Christian Zionist. She believes in a Divine plan that will include the Jews of Israel, but not necessarily the Muslim Palestinians. She most definitely is not the first American Protestant to begin wearing Star of David jewelry. Numerous American Christians are becoming even bolder in their open, and public, display of a Star of David necklace. Blame it on the Jewelry vendors in Israel that sell mainly Christian crosses at the most traveled religious sites, but also combine their inventory to include Stars of David in their assortment of Christian souvenirs. Here are two first -rate references as to why Sarah Palin wears a Star of David necklace:

For some evangelical Christians, according to Brog, a Jewish star around their neck is more theological than political. Unlike many Christians before them, many celebrate Christianity’s Jewish beginnings and express that through support of Israel and an interest in the Jewish religion, traditions and people.

Brog says this is a departure from Replacement Theology, which was the long-held belief that Christians became God’s chosen people when the New covenant replaced the Mosaic covenant, and a powerful source of anti-Semitism “When they wear the jewelry,” Brog said, “they are saying that I am a Christian who really identifies with my Jewish roots.”

– Why Christian Women Are Sporting Jewish Jewelry, by Elissa Strauss, The Forward

Rather, by wearing the Star of David, Palin was reaching out to American evangelical Christians — and also being one herself. According to David Brog, the (Jewish) executive director of Christians United for Israel, “it is increasingly common” for evangelical Christian supporters of Israel — who follow a fairly common Israel-centric strain of American biblical interpretation — to wear Stars of David as symbols of solidarity with the Jewish state. “A lot of the folks in my organization, they wear Stars of David,” he noted. “Mainly the women.” In CUFI circles, indeed, “it is increasingly common to wear one all the time,” Brog noted, and not just while visiting Israel. To do so is seen as an expression of being “pro-Israel” and “philosemitic,” part and parcel with worshiping Jesus as a Jewish carpenter and honoring the Jewish roots of Christianity.

– Why did Sarah Palin wear a Star of David in Israel,

Source: Why does Sarah palin wear the star of david necklace

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