ANSWERS.COM- Is the hexagram Star of David a Satanic sign?


No, absolutely NOT. The six-pointed Star of David has never been considered a Satanic symbol. In fact, the mainstream Judeo/Christian understanding of this symbol has always been quite the opposite. Even as far back as the early Middle Ages, both before and after the Crusades, the vast majority of common Christian believers (and even Jews) believed the Star of David symbol had the supernatural power to defend and protect against evil spirits (at least for those who trusted in it). On a more mundane level it was literally always considered a talisman that brought good luck for those who either wore it as a piece of Jewelry or had it strategically placed somewhere in their home.

TheSoDpentagramcomparison completely mistaken idea that the six-pointed Star of David was demonic comes from a string of famous (or infamous) Judeo/Christian magicians and alchemists who coupled their rebellious opposition to the Church with an intense interest in Magick and the Occult. Because these so-called Magicians made it a point to utilize the Star of David in their own personal Black Magick rituals and operations, the symbol’s reputation did eventually take a nose-dive .Alas, the original God-fearing understanding about the Star of David’s power as a righteous emblem of goodness and Divine mercy began to change for the worse. The traditional teachings that the Star of David help to protect Judeo/Christian believers from the dark forces of the Devil soon became warped and twisted beyond recognition. Soon enough, zealous Christians started fingering the Star of David as being a dangerous, diabolical insiinia infused with evil supernatural powers.

Historically speaking, the vast majority of legends concerning the hexagram nearly always depict it as an incredibly powerful spiritual tool providing both protection and security for the righteous against ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’.

Heavenly Angels

The Star of David’s traditional connection to Biblical good guys like King David and His son Solomon only serve to prove that, in all probability, the basic six-pointed star symbol was most definitely NOT an evil sign of the Devil. And in spite of Israel and its policies, the virtuous root (and branch) of David will hopefully remain uncontaminated by lies. Here are a few online rebuttals intended to be read by those who still believe the Star of David to be demonic:


Many today that love both houses and even love the Jewish people, claim that the Star of David, linked for over 2,000 years with the Jewish people is evil. Some of these claims even go so far as stating that it is demonic in origin and usage so that believers should not wear or display it…Symbols also convey concepts and are chosen to display the history, the culture, or the faith of a people. Symbols often have deep personal meanings, as they can represent a person’s views, character, values, goals, likes, dislikes and other things. Therefore any attack on a dearly held symbol, can cause direct pain to the one, or to the ones that hold that symbol dear. Today 16 million Jews see the Star of David as symbolic with their essence as Jews. (The Star of David Attack, by Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky,


Some people have tried to rewrite history and allege that the Star of David is a pagan symbol carried into Judaism, but there really is no evidence linking any ancient pagan practices to the Star of David. Furthermore, the abundance of ancient pagan practices that include Baptism/ritual Immersion among Mithraics, Jewish style feasts among the Shinto-ites, and the fact that Satan worshipper’s use Hebrew as their favorite language for rituals, tell us that many false religions have tried to imitate what our Creator gave to His own people, and that every parallel observed should not be attributed as having originated with paganism. (Where did the Star of David ? Come From?,


To state that the Star of Moloch is in fact the Star of David, is the worst kind of Scripture twisting imaginable, and is akin to saying that anyone who wears a brown shirt and brown slacks is a Nazi, because the Nazis wore brown shirts. It displays the ignorance of those running around propagating these attacks on David’s Star. These attacks are a step into the anti-Semitic world of illogical deduction and black-hole reasoning. If the Star of David is the same thing as the Star of Moloch and the Star of Chiyun, then YHWH should have brought judgment on the disciples of Yahshua our Savior, (The Star of David Attack, by Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky,

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