ANSWERS.COM- Why does the Star of David have 6 points?

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Star of David has to do with its basic outline and geometric form. To be specific, the Davidic hexagram consists of 6 equal points (mini-triangles) surrounding 1 central hexagon ‘much larger’ in size. This provides an exact symbolic representation of the first 6 days (of the week) plus the 1 ‘much more important’ day of rest on the Sabbath (7th) day.

6 External Points + 1 Central Hexagon = 7 Parts to the Star of David
6 Creating Days + 1 Day of Rest = 7 Days of Creation
6 Archangels + 1 Commander Michael = 7 Archangels of God
6 Biblical Visitors + 1 King David = 7 Days of Sukkot (a Jewish Holiday)
6 Orbiting Planets + 1 Central Sun = 7 Spheres of Astrology


So the ‘much larger’ hexagon can readily be matched to the ‘much more important’ Sabbath day of rest. This enduring tradition of rest on the 7th day makes it fundamentally different from the other 6 days of the 7 day week. To summarize, the 6 +1 = 7 formula is an essential part of the Judeo/Christian preference for the number 7. Yes, the number 7 could well be considered to be the most sacred and important number of the Biblical tradition, but it’s also true that a 6 +1 understanding of the number 7 represents the ultimate Judeo/Christian insight. Numerous online sources attest to this-


Six pointed star- Each point represents the days of the week (Monday to Saturday or the 6 days of Creation) the hexagon in the center represents the Sabbath (seventh day) A lesser known name is Creator’s Star.

– Star of David,


The Star of David is sometimes known as the Creator’s Star, in which each of the six points represents a day of the week and the center corresponds to the Sabbath.

– Star of David,


There are several interpretations of the meaning of the Star of David. Most frequently, the star is associated with the number Seven (derived from the six points plus the center). This number…can be noted in several examples including the six days of Creation plus the Seventh day of rest, as well as the Seven Archangels of God.

– Star of David, New World Encyclopedia


Many commentators have suggested that the message of the Star of David is linked to the number seven by way of its six points surrounding the center…In short, the world is holy, a place in which man and everything else created in the six days has the potential to revolve and evolve around its center, its core and its Creator. The Sabbath, the seventh day every week, is a reminder of this concept.

– The Star of David and the Mosque, by Rabbi Benjamin Blech,


Source: Why does the star of david has 6 point

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