A Rated ‘R’ Star of David Post, No Readers Under 18 Allowed


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Chelsea Handler has posted a photo of herself topless on Instagram. This time, however, the comedian is not mocking Vladimir Putin. Nor is she on top of a mountain. Instead, she’s riding a camel in Israel without a anything on her torso… aside from two Star of David pasties. Because of course she is.

“A Muslim allowed a topless Jew to sit on his camel. And we say we can’t live side by side?” captioned the star, who is Jewish. “I say we try and we can and we will. And, You don’t even have to be topless. L’chaim.”

Handler – who wrapped up her late night show on E! after seven seasons last year – is in Israel for a comedy show and will soon be filming an interview with former Israeli president Shimon Peres….But is she going too far with the above image? By using a Jewish symbol as something with which to cover up her nipples?

– Chelsea Handler Covers Nipples with Star of David Pasties: Funny or Foul?, by Hilton Hater

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