A ‘Star of David’ Crop Circle Sampler

The six-pointed star has appeared in Jewish iconography for a thousand years. But there’s a chance that the Magen David is meaningful to another, far different culture-an alien culture.

– Crop Circles, May 24, 2012, Thejewniverse.com, MyJewishLearning

PicMonkey Collage

Star of David Crop Circles? Da Comrades, Da….

First sighted in the early 1970s in England, crop circles have been reported in the United States and 25 other countries. Some have been faked, but scientists insist that many are impossible to explain. One feature that many observers, both scientists and casual UFO buffs, have noted: Like Google Earth’s discovery, many crop circles incorporate a Star of David.

– Crop Circles, May 24, 2012, Thejewniverse.com, MyJewishLearning

There have been crop circles that have represented the Tree of Life of the Kaballah, and there was one that was looked like a Menorah. There have been Stars of David, or Seal of Solomon-type designs…represented in the crop circles.

– Crop Circles: The Hopi Prophecies, by Diane M. Cooper,Spiritofmaat.com

Geometric knowledge expressed in the Hebrew tradition is the Star of David. This religious symbol is rendered just like a crop circle, where we have a two-dimensional image that perfectly details the appearance of the interlocked, or star tetrahedron, within a sphere.

– David Wilcock, Divinecosmos.com


– SEPTEMBER 2001: In Canada…another symbol appeared, that was much simpler than the one in England but nonetheless was rectangular in shape, and looks like what they call the Seal of Solomon, which is a rectangular Star of David. (Crop Circles: The Hopi Prophecies, by Diane M. Cooper)
– JUNE 2003: A six-pointed Star of David appeared in Siblingen in the same region in Switzerland. (Crop circles Buesingen/Schaffhausen 2012, by Dominik Tresowski)
– AUGUST 2007: Another amazing crop circle was discovered with 18 Cubes designed so that the Star of David appears in the center. (Seeing is Believing, Chapter 18, Juli Mullen)
– JULY 2010: The location of the crop circle is Guy’s Cliffe, Nr Milverton, Warwickshire…It is clearly another Star of David in a Celtic Style with a ribbon type effect. (Celtic Star of David Crop Circle, by Eliakam)
– JULY 2012: Quite unexpectedly, a star tetrahedron which appeared in a muddy field near Liddington Castle on July 1, 2012 has changed into a Star of David. (Wanboroughplain

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