The Star of Daisy and/or the Flower of David

Ribbet collage


Take a circle of any size at all- whether it be less than an inch in diameter or perhaps as large as the Planet Jupiter, and you’ll find the basic geometry remains the same. To be specific, it takes exactly six additional circles of the same size to completely surround the first one, just as it requires 12 more circles of the same size to surround the original cluster of 7 circles (6 + 1 in the center). Now, if this is suddenly starting to sound all too familiar (numerically speaking), then you are right one the money- the accumulation of circles around an initial circle of the same size yields the same number patterns found in the Star of David. This can be briefly listed as follows-

6 Days of Creating +  Day of Rest = 7 Days of Creation
6 External Points + 1 Hexagon = 7-Part Star of David
6 Exterior Circle + I Inner Circle = 7-Circle Flower of Life

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