Right-Wing Ukrainian Nationalist also Wears a Star of David


But not all people refuse to go on record: For example, Natan Chazin, who wears the uniform of the Right Sector. Natan, who is presently commanding a Right Sector battalion in the eastern part of Ukraine, has added a Star of David image onto the black-and-red insignia…

Of his battles in the east, he tells me: “We are having a civil war, and in this civil war there are hundreds of spies from Russia who are managing this war. We just captured a few separatists and they told us how they were getting commands from Moscow and how they were getting motivated by Moscow.”

Chazin lived in Israel as well, and even served in the IDF, but he says he loves Ukraine.

“Which is your nation?” I ask. “Ukraine or Israel?”
“Ukraine is my home, not my nation. I’m Jewish, sadly.”
“Will you marry a Jewish girl?” I ask.
He bursts into laughter. “That mistake I already made,” he says.

My Hunt for the Cossacks in Ukraine – Culture – Forward.com, Tuvia Tenenbom

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