A 1958 Film about a Young Woman who buys a Star of David and pretends to be Jewish…

NAME OF FILM: An American Girl – the Problems of Prejudice (Part II)
RUNNING TIME: 8 Minutes and 18 Seconds

Reviewer: Spuzz – October 13, 2003
Subject: Jewish Ideals as Fashion Statement

When I first started watching this film and came across it’s bombastic beginning dedicating this film t teens with bombastic decency (note the underlining) I thought for sure it was going to be this social guidance melodrama. What I DIDN’T know was that it was going to be of all things, anti-semitism! A teenage girl gets a bracelet for her birthday by her otherwise bothersome (but great) younger sister. She goes back to the jeweler with her friends when she finds out there is a second part to it. That second part is a star of David pendant! Her friends, and soon, pretty much the whole town shuns her, thinking that she’s jewish. I marvelled at the lead actress’s defiance in wearing the trinket when everyone, including her parents, wondered why she kept wearing it. Soon, the whole thing ends up rather pat with The Big Speech And Everything Is OK Again, but still, this has a LOT going for it and is a MUST SEE on this site.


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