More on Star of David Crop Circles

There have been crop circles that have represented the Tree of Life of the Kaballah, and there was one that was looked like a Menorah. There have been Stars of David, or Seal of Solomon-type designs. And so the symbols of different religions have been represented in the crop circles.

The Hopi Prophecies and Messages from the Stars


crop circle1

In the selected range of crop circle designs we see recurring themes that are for the most part generated from within a circular form and continue, through proportional expansion, to develop well beyond the boundaries of the design. This is consistent with the principle of sacred geometry where the circle is the principal element since it lies at the heart of the creative principle…

From the vesica we can create the simplest of polygons, the equilateral triangle. The two triangles contained in this ‘womb’ are themselves symbolic of the world above and the world below, just as the left circle can represent spirit and the right one matter. It is symbolic to Christianity as representational of Jesus Christ and the Piscean age; as the Holy of Holies it carries the number 2368 in gematria, the number also equated with Jesus Christ.

The overlapping of both triangles produces the hexagon, also referred to as the Star of David. The characteristics and symbolism behind this figure are immense. It is also through the natural division of a circle into six parts which allows six circles to fit exactly around the circumference of an equal seventh. John Michell has studied the implications of the hexagon at length and further adds that it is “symbolic of the order of the universe in the fact that twelve equal spheres can be placed around a thirteenth so that each touches the nucleus and four of its neighbors, producing the geometer’s image of twelve disciples grouped around the master. Christ, Osiris and Mohammed are among those who are represented as a central sphere with twelve retainers.” 

The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles, Excerpts from Freddy Silva’s book, Secrets In The Fields, Vital Spark





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