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The Star of David (✡), known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or Magen David (Hebrew מָגֵן דָּוִד; Biblical Hebrew Māḡēn Dāwīḏ maːˈɣeːn daːˈwiːð]|, Tiberian mɔˈɣen dɔˈvið]|, Modern Hebrew maˈɡen daˈvid, Ashkenazi Hebrew and Yiddish Mogein Dovid ˈmɔɡeɪn ˈdɔvid] or Mogen Dovid), is a generally recognized symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism. Its shape is that of a hexagram, the compound of two equilateral triangles. Unlike the menorah, the Lion of Judah, the shofar and the lulav, the Star of David was never a uniquely Jewish symbol.

In terms of faith, the Star of David is now considered the premier symbol for both Judaism and the Jewish People. Both Islam and Christianity have, for several centuries, utilized this same icon for their own religious purposes, and it can be seen decorating countless Mosques and Churches throughout the world. Other non-Biblical religious faiths have also been known to employ the Star of David to some extent, especially in the East (Hinduism and Buddhism).



Like it or not, the Star of David represents Israel and its policies and is legitimately subject to any and all forms of non violent protest. To peacefully protest against Israel’s racist domestic and foreign policies is NOT ANTI-SEMITIC.

– Roger Waters, Pig Balloon at Roger Waters Concert Features Star of David; Wiesenthal Center Calls Him ‘Open Hater of Jews’ (VIDEO) Algemeiner Journal

According to one theory, the six-pointed ‘shield of David’ which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy’s crusade. ‘Ever since,’ writes Baron, ‘it has been suggested, the six-cornered “shield of David”, theretofore mainly a decorative motif or a magical emblem, began its career toward becoming the chief national-religious symbol of Judaism. Long used interchangeably with the pentagram or the “Seal of Solomon”, it was attributed to David in mystic and ethical German writings from the thirteenth century on, and appeared on the Jewish flag in Prague in 1527.’

– Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe, page 137, Random House publishing, (first American edition), 1976.

Source: Star of David – Wikiquote

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