STAR OF DAVID LINK- The Codes of Creation | The Crystal Sun


One of the most amazing of these symbols that have survived for thousands of years is the flower of life. This is a perfect representation of the holographic nature and structure of creation, by mapping the points of these circles we start to create all the geometric structures that are inherent in all life. This is the wisdom behind Metatron’s cube, which has the 5 building blocks of the platonic solids in perfect order and symmetry within the flower of life.



When we look at the flower of life more carefully, we see that it is made of spheres, which are multiplying and spinning around a central sphere. Lets just start with the center sphere; within this structure there are certain laws that keep this sphere a sphere. Just like the earth the sphere structure is held in place by its spin and its poles. The geometric symbol for this is the star tetrahedron within a circle or Star of David. The two tetrahedrons within the circle create an amazing vortex of energy that flows from the center point of the circle and out its poles. This interaction of spin and geometry creates a donut shaped field with the vortex in its empty center. We see this exact pattern in everything from galaxies, solar systems, planets, charkas, cells, and DNA.  Everything is spinning within these grids, which connect everything to everything.

When I asked the guides what makes everything spin, the answer they gave me was “consciousness makes it spin”, so my next question was obviously “what is consciousness” and they said consciousness is light. The impact of these answers didn’t hit me until I saw the connection between geometry and light. Geometry is the pattern in which light structures itself to perform specific functions and qualities of creation.  Geometry is the key in understanding the laws of creation; even color and sound have their own unique geometric structures.

Source: The Codes of Creation | The Crystal Sun

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