At War with Christians who Produce Factually Incorrect Videos about the Star of David…

Here is the video. Do not believe what they say, because it is a hateful lie, but let us pray their minds can be changed.

Well, I managed to win one battle at least against the Christian makes of the video seen above. Sadly, they seem stubbornly attached to their historically false beliefs about the Judeo/Christian/Islamic Star of David. Right now, I am personally battling against this Hebrew/Messianic style of Christian Ministry and website called 119 Ministry who has tragically released this slick video that champion those same paranoid, delusions about the Star of David being evil that has poisoned far too many Christian learners who as still reading and realizing the common sense traditions of the Bible. Here is the hard copy of the comments that they erased but suddenly readmitted after I complained and accused them of censorship-

KEVIN BOUDREAU: I can understand the tip toeing around this topic, but it is what it is. I didn’t notice if you mentioned that this is a 6 pointed, 6 triangle symbol…. 6 being the number of man. Or is that not important?

ME: By Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition the number designating the Star of David is the number 33 (signifying three points UP (GOD THE FATHER/SON/HOLY GHOST) and three points DOWN (MIND/BODY/SOUL OF MAN). Also both Judaism and mainstream Christianity (Catholic/Protestant/Orthodox) has always understood the Star of David to represent the Number 7, and specifically the 7 days of Creation. The Six-points of the hexagram symbolized the first six days of creation, while the 7th day of rest which God blessed and sanctified, was represented by the notably different and larger central hexagon, the 7th part of the Star of David. Also, the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel were symbolized by the 12 external sides and 12 equal segments of the mathematically significant Star of David. Where you get your illogical ‘6-6-6’ correlation I do not know, but please do not dismiss the Star of David’s clear connections to the Biblically significant numbers including 3/Three, 7/Seven (also 6) 12/Twelve (also 13) and 33/Thirty-Three. To oppose the Star of David as a possible idol is acceptable. It’s image is meant to represent the royal House of David, who are mere Earthly rulers as compared to the LORD our God. Keep in mind that, by long-standing Christian tradition, the Star of David is indeed a authentic symbol of Jesus Christ, even if it is nothing more than a family emblem. Can you not see the danger of instinctively opposing and rejecting what may well be the simple shepherd-scribbled Coat-of-Arms of the actual human family of Christianity’s LORD and Savior, Rabbi Jesus, the King of the Jews!

119 MINISTRIES: More interestingly is that there are 6 outer points, 6 inner points, and six inner sides to the 6 pointed star. Of course, that could just be a coincidence.

ME: Please be honest and disclose whether or not you are deliberately ignoring and refusing to mention the numerous posts and sites on the internet today that clearly view the Star of David as a 7 Part, 12 Sided figure that symbolically represents two of the most spiritually significant numbers of Judaism and Christianity. It has some link to the number 6, but only as a number found in the ‘6 creation days + 1 rest day = 7 days of Creation’ understanding of the 7 separate parts of the hexagram (six outer points plus 1 central hexagon)

Testing the Star of David, 119 Ministries




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