EXCERPT: Sacred Geometry and The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

At the symbolic level… the quest to obtain circles and squares of equal measure is equivalent to seeking the union of transcendent and finite qualities… or the marriage of heaven and earth.

– Rachel Fletcher, Squaring the Circle: Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Nexus Network Journal, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2007 119



“Squaring the circle” can represent the union of eternal and finite qualities, symbolizing the fusion of matter and spirit, metaphorically described as a marriage of heaven and earth. Interestingly, the hexagram (Star of David)—which is the key to filling in the gaps of the “unrolling” circle—has the same symbolic meaning…

…This symbolic meaning, conveyed by both “squaring the circle” and the hexagramic Star of David, is the real focus of this website… referred to throughout as the marriage or wedding of heaven and earth.

One of the hexagram’s triangles points up and outward to the heavens and the macrocosm; the other points down to Earth and inward to the microcosm. The downward triangle has long been regarded as female because of its resemblance to the delta of venus *, and because it is through woman that we enter into this supposedly “lower,” “material” existence on Earth, under the heavens. Woman is stereotypically associated with birth… the giving of life… and man is stereotypically associated with war, death, and gnostic liberation of spirit from its material entanglement; hence, the symbolism of chalice and blade. Also… stereotypically… man is the explorer who ranges far and wide, while woman prefers the comfort of hearth and home (even though we all live with the tension of these extroverted/introverted, expansive/contractive impulses). The hexagramic Star of David represents these forces, in harmonic balance. On a physiological level, it represents homeostasis: a dynamic balance of the biological processes of creation and destruction (anabolism and catabolism). And as the Sanskrit ‘Om’ and the ‘Hrim’ it can also signify the biosphere… “man’s position between earth and sky”… where we “live, breathe, and have our being.”

Psychologically and spiritually, the hexagram symbolizes the enlightened interpenetration of the essential Self—the Source of the universe, the “Ground of Being”—and the socially constructed egocentric personality. Thus the marriage of heaven and earth, in its most potent form, is the experience at the heart of the “perennial philosophy,” variously known as mystical union, kensho, satori, enlightenment, or unitive consciousness. For myself, this marriage signifies the evolutionary process by which this deeper mode of consciousness might eventually become the norm… in effect, the unfolding and establishment of an earthly paradise.

Squaring the Circle: Sacred Geometry & The Marriage of Heaven and Earth, by Thomas Call, Song-of-songs.net

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