The Angels and Demons of the Star of David Talismans of the Magi

Talisman of Saturn- The Angel Oriphiel vs. The Demon Nabam
Talisman of Jupiter- The Angel Zachariel vs. The Demon Acham
Talisman of Mars- The Angel Samael vs. The Demon Nambroth
Talisman of the Sun- The Angel Miihael vs. ???
Talisman of Venus- The Angel Anael vs. The Demon Lilith or Naemah
Talisman of the Moon- The Angel Gabriel vs. The Demon Sathan
Talisman of Mercury- The Angel Raphael vs. The Demon Astaroth or Tharthac

These are the principal Talismans whose traditions have been preserved for us by the most ancient monuments of the highest magical art and by the most reliable archaeologists in this type of research. These talismans are recommended under the name of Teraphim by the Hebrew Qabalists of the Middle Ages,” who replace the names of the planetary Genii of Egypt by those of: Oriphiel (Rempha), Zachariel (Pi-Zeus), Samael (Ertosill), Michael (Pi-Rh3), Anabel (Suroth), Raphael (Pi-Hermes) and Gabriel (Pi-Ioh). These Cabalists add another seven talismans to which they attribute the power of conjuring the influence of seven demons who, according to their doctrine, share with the seven planetary angels the government of the divine creation. Against the angel of Saturn they set the demon Nabam; against the angel of Jupiter the demon Acham; against the angel of Mars the demon Nambroth; against the angel of Venus the demon Lilith or Naemah; against the angel of Mercury the demon Astaroth or Tharthac; and against the angel of the Moon the demon Sathan, See Judges xvii and xviii in the Bible. The Teraphim appear to correspond to the serpent images or seraphim. which in turn are said to derive from the Kabeiri Assyrian divinities worshipped at Hebron (Beni Anak). The Daimons or male spirits of the planets are now given by esoteric students of the Qabala as: Adonai=sun, Evoe=Moon. Saba=Mars, Astaphoi=Mercury, Eloi=Jupiter. Ouraioa=Venus and Ilde-baoth, or according to the Orphites Jahweh= Saturn.

Talismans of the Magi, by Theophrastus Paracelsus,




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