Another Mention of the U.S. Great Seal’s Star of David


Exactly why the thirteen-star constellation is arranged in the pattern of a Star of David-like hexagram is a matter of considerable dispute. Preliminary versions of the design show the constellation taking a random pattern…

The Fall of the House of Bush: The Untold Story…, Craig Unger – 2007

Star of David Quotable- Pragmatism, by William James

In many familiar objects everyone will recognize the human element. We conceive a given reality in this way or in that, to suit our purpose, and the reality passively submits to the conception…You can treat the adjoined figure [Figure of a ’Star of David’] as a star, as two big triangles crossing each other, as a hexagon with legs set up on its angles, as six equal triangles hanging together by their tips, etc. All these treatments are true treatments–the sensible THAT upon the paper resists no one of them. You can say of a line that it runs east, or you can say that it runs west, and the line per se accepts both descriptions without rebelling at the inconsistency.

Pragmatism, by William James, Lecture VII. Pragmatism and Humanism