Disturbed Rock band member Protests Pink Floyd’s Anti-Semitic Use of a Flying Pig marked with the Star of David

Here is an example of the anti-The Star of David in the Rock and Roll World of Today-

Pink Floyd great and solo artist Roger Waters has become the center of controversy this past week. Waters…used the Jewish Star of David as one of the symbols on the giant inflatable pig that hovers over ‘The Wall’ concerts, and that has many, including Device and Disturbed frontman David Draiman, feeling he’s taken things a step too far. Over the years, the flying pig has become a staple of Pink Floyd and Waters’ shows, serving as a symbol of greed, fascism and oppression.

Draiman, a half Israeli Jew, has penned a commentary on the manner and even decided to forego his traditional CAPS style entries to signify the importance of the message he wanted to deliver.

Draiman’s posting can be read in full below:

My brothers and sisters my blood,

(Regarding Roger Waters usage of a flying pig with the Star of David on it during his performances)

I have personally been a fan of Mr. Waters’ work for many years. I think that Pink Floyd are one of the most groundbreaking and visionary acts of all time. Mr. Waters’ position on the Palestinian/Israeli crisis is well known, and has been well publicized.

Whether or not you agree with the policies of the Israeli government…nothing excuses the usage of the Star of David (the symbol of the Jewish people as a whole, not Israel or its government) emblazoned on a flying pig/zeppelin during his performances for “The Wall”. It is uncalled for, abhorrent, and blatantly Anti-Semitic…

…I therefore urge all of my followers, friends, and colleagues, and certainly the Jewish people within the entertainment community to take issue with this Anti-Semitic symbolism, and to demand that the Star of David be stricken from the flying pig, and that a formal apology/explanation be given from Mr. Waters himself.

– David Draiman Addresses Roger Waters’ ‘Star of David’ Usage
By Chad Childers (http://noisecreep.com/david-draiman-addresses-roger-waters-star-of-david-usage/?trackback=tsmclip)

Star of David in the New York Daily News

H&M pulls shirt with skull inside Star of David after complaints 

Shoppers said the top — which appears to show a human skull inside a Star of David — was offensive and could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. H&M was quick to pull the piece and apologize.

Fashion brand H&M yanked a controversial tank top that showed a human skull inside a Star of David, apologizing to infuriated customers.

Shopper Eylon Aslan-Levy of the U.K. brought attention to the shirt when he posted a snapshot on Twitter on Sunday, later calling it an “obviously unfortunate mistake.”

It’s not clear what the shirt means — if anything — but altering religious symbols is still dangerous territory.

– H&M pulls shirt with skull inside Star of David after complaints, 

LINK- http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/h-m-pulls-offensive-star-david-top-article-1.1736866