How Man becomes the Hexagram…

When a man attains this degree of development, he becomes the hexagram. The sexual organs. male or female. become the sixth paint which is missing in the pentagram.

There were then a series of pictures in which the relations between the downward-pointing triangle and the upward-pointing triangle in the hexagram were demonstrated. It was noted that the forces of the two triangles are complimentary and act in opposition to each other when allowed to. They tend to push each other apart, causing Dispersion.


Man as a Hexagram


It was then shown that for the triangle to unite into the hexagram in man, they have to be interlocked with each other. Otherwise, the downward-tending emotional forces (Luna, Mars, Jupiter) and the upward-tending mental forces (Saturn, Mercury, Venus) will act in such a way as to disrupt each other’s effects. There was another series of pictures next which rapidly went through all the possible combinations of forces that can be derived from the hexagram.

The Beast and the Star: A Vision of the Abyss, by Benjamin

New Age Star of David

I invite you again to open your Belly Center to Presence, your Head Center to Wisdom and Vision, your Heart Center to Compassion, Healing Presence, Innate Harmony, Unconditional, Love…As you are doing this, I also invite you to take the Sacred Geometry of the Star of David into your being. Allow it to expand into a three-dimensional geometric which you might experience/imagine as interlocking pyramids. Begin to sense these pyramids spinning.

– The Star of David and the Enneagram, Andrew H. Hahn