Star of David on the Flag of Uighuristan (Islamic Republic of East Turkestan)

[Cheng-Chi-Tsai, first flag]
Cheng-Chi-Tsai Flag of Uighuristan, first flag
[Cheng-Chi-Tsai, second flag]
Cheng-Chi-Tsai Flag of Uighuristan, second flag

During the civil war, the war lord Cheng-Chi-Tsai proclaimed an autonomous province in Xin-Jiang (1933-1942). He was first influenced by Japan and used a yellow flag with a red six-pointed star in the canton. He later changed his flag under Soviet influence for a red field with a yellow six-pointed star in the middle.

The Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkestan was proclaimed on 12 December 1933 in Aksou (South Xin-Jiang) ans suppressed in February 1934 with Soviet help.

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