Proudly Presenting the Star of David Zodiac Chart

There are exactly 12 external sides to the Star of David. Numerous online sources contend that each of these 12 sides represent both a tribe of Israel and a sign of the Zodiac. Imagine projecting outward from each of the Star of David‘s 12 sides all the way up into the stars above the earth. Thus, each side of the Star of David symbolically represents the approximate position of each of the 12 traditional Constellations seen in the night sky. Here is a new diagram called the Star of David Zodiac which matches the Star of David 12 Sides to the Zodiac’s 12 Constellations in the most correct manner possible:

Star of David Zodiac DiagramComplete


The Star of David’s 12 Tribes/Sides

Like the Jewish people, the star has 12 sides, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. – Star of David, by Rabbi Shraga Simmons,

Source: The Star of David’s 12 Tribes/Sides