How Man becomes the Hexagram…

When a man attains this degree of development, he becomes the hexagram. The sexual organs. male or female. become the sixth paint which is missing in the pentagram.

There were then a series of pictures in which the relations between the downward-pointing triangle and the upward-pointing triangle in the hexagram were demonstrated. It was noted that the forces of the two triangles are complimentary and act in opposition to each other when allowed to. They tend to push each other apart, causing Dispersion.


Man as a Hexagram


It was then shown that for the triangle to unite into the hexagram in man, they have to be interlocked with each other. Otherwise, the downward-tending emotional forces (Luna, Mars, Jupiter) and the upward-tending mental forces (Saturn, Mercury, Venus) will act in such a way as to disrupt each other’s effects. There was another series of pictures next which rapidly went through all the possible combinations of forces that can be derived from the hexagram.

The Beast and the Star: A Vision of the Abyss, by Benjamin

The Seven Most Occult Stars of David Ever Known! The Talismans of the Magi…

Talisman of Saturn

Talisman of Saturn- On the first face is engraved with a diamond-pointed the image of a scythe, enclosed in a pentagram. On the other side is engraved a bull’s head enclosed in a six-pointed star, and surrounded by letters composing the name Oriphiel, the planetary genius of Saturn according to the Alphabet of the Magi. The person who is to wear this talisman must engrave it himself, without witnesses of the deed and without having communicated his intention to anyone.






Talisman of Juptier

Talisman of Jupiter- On the first face is engraved with a diamond-pointed burin the image of a crown with four points at the centre of a pentagram, or five-pointed star. On the other side is engraved the image of an eagle’s head at the centre of a six-pointed star, surrounded by letters composing the name Zachariel, the planetary genius of Jupiter, according to the alphabet of the Magi.



Talisman of Mars

Talisman of Mars- On the first side is engraved with a diamond-pointed burin the image of swords enclosed in a pentagram. On the other side is engraved the image of a lion’s head at the centre of a six-pointed star and surrounded by letters composing the name Samael, the planetary genius of Mars, according to the alphabet of the Magi.




Talisman of the Sun

Talisman of the Sun- On the first side is engraved the image of a circle enclosed in a pentagram. On the second side is engraved a human head enclosed in a six-pointed star and surrounded by letters composing the name Miihael, the planetary genius of the Sun, according to the alphabet of the Magi.





Talisman of Venus

Talisman of Venus- On the first side is engraved the image of the letter G, enclosed in a pentagram. On the second side is engraved a dove at the centre of a six-pointed star surrounded by letters composing the name of Anael, the planetary genius of Venus, according to the alphabet of the Magi.




Talisman of Mercury

Talisman of Mercury- On the first side is engraved the image of a winged caduceus with two serpents enlaced, at the centre of a pentagram. On the other side is engraved a dog’s head, enclosed in a six-pointed star surrounded by letters composing the name Raphael, the planetary genius of Mercury, according to the alphabet of the Magi.



Talisman of the moon

Talisman of the Moon- On the first side is engraved the image of a crescent, enclosed in a pentagram. On the other side is engraved a goblet enclosed in 2 six-pointed star and surrounded by letters composing the name Gabriel, the planetary genius of the Moon, according to the alphabet of the Magi.

Talismans of the Magi, by Theophrastus Paracelsus,






EXCERPT: Sacred Geometry and The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

At the symbolic level… the quest to obtain circles and squares of equal measure is equivalent to seeking the union of transcendent and finite qualities… or the marriage of heaven and earth.

– Rachel Fletcher, Squaring the Circle: Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Nexus Network Journal, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2007 119



“Squaring the circle” can represent the union of eternal and finite qualities, symbolizing the fusion of matter and spirit, metaphorically described as a marriage of heaven and earth. Interestingly, the hexagram (Star of David)—which is the key to filling in the gaps of the “unrolling” circle—has the same symbolic meaning…

…This symbolic meaning, conveyed by both “squaring the circle” and the hexagramic Star of David, is the real focus of this website… referred to throughout as the marriage or wedding of heaven and earth.

One of the hexagram’s triangles points up and outward to the heavens and the macrocosm; the other points down to Earth and inward to the microcosm. The downward triangle has long been regarded as female because of its resemblance to the delta of venus *, and because it is through woman that we enter into this supposedly “lower,” “material” existence on Earth, under the heavens. Woman is stereotypically associated with birth… the giving of life… and man is stereotypically associated with war, death, and gnostic liberation of spirit from its material entanglement; hence, the symbolism of chalice and blade. Also… stereotypically… man is the explorer who ranges far and wide, while woman prefers the comfort of hearth and home (even though we all live with the tension of these extroverted/introverted, expansive/contractive impulses). The hexagramic Star of David represents these forces, in harmonic balance. On a physiological level, it represents homeostasis: a dynamic balance of the biological processes of creation and destruction (anabolism and catabolism). And as the Sanskrit ‘Om’ and the ‘Hrim’ it can also signify the biosphere… “man’s position between earth and sky”… where we “live, breathe, and have our being.”

Psychologically and spiritually, the hexagram symbolizes the enlightened interpenetration of the essential Self—the Source of the universe, the “Ground of Being”—and the socially constructed egocentric personality. Thus the marriage of heaven and earth, in its most potent form, is the experience at the heart of the “perennial philosophy,” variously known as mystical union, kensho, satori, enlightenment, or unitive consciousness. For myself, this marriage signifies the evolutionary process by which this deeper mode of consciousness might eventually become the norm… in effect, the unfolding and establishment of an earthly paradise.

Squaring the Circle: Sacred Geometry & The Marriage of Heaven and Earth, by Thomas Call,

ANSWERS.COM- Was the Rothschild family’s Coat of Arms a red-colored hexagram or a normal-shaped red shield?



It was NEITHER. The good news is that the Jewish family from Frankfort who renamed themselves the Rothschild family, never had a red Star of David for their Family Coat of Arms. The bad news is that their authentic Coat of Arms wasn’t a normal-shaped red shield either. The name Rothschild (Red Shield in German) originates from the description of the family house located in Frankfurt’s Jewish Ghetto and known to neighbors and residents as the house with the red shield. The whole story goes something like this-

The ancestry of the Rothschilds can be traced back to 1577 to Izaak Elchanan Rothschild (Isaac (Isaak) Elchanan Bacharach, zum Hahn), whose name derived from the house he occupied in the Judengasse-zum roten Schild (“at the sign of the red shield”). His grandchildren and descendants took this name as the family name and kept it when they relocated in 1664.

– Mayer Amschel Rothschild, WikipediaThe Coat of Arms of the Jewish family from Frankfort who at some point had lived in a Frankfurt house with a big red shield hanging near the entrance, was rather complex and may not have even been their original Jewish Coat of Arms before they changed their last name to Rothschild.

I researched this question on my own quite thoroughly quite a few years back and found that there wasn’t any evidence that the Rothschild clan ever used the Jewish six-pointed Star of David in their own family’s emblem. In fact, the internet shows the official Rothschild family crest to be a 4 part shield held up on each side by a Lion and a Unicorn. Above the sdhield hangs a three part bundle of armored headpieces. Just above the armored headpiece on the left is a six-pointed Star decoration that LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE JEWISH STAR OF DAVID. So. if you are looking for conspiracy theories that are even partially true, it’s best to give up on the Rothschild family conspiracy as soon as possible. There’s just nothing there.




A Letter to a Sincere, but Misinformed, American Christian Believer who Despises the Star of David

Here are a series of quotes from your article entitled ‘Creator’s Star?‘ coupled with my personal responses to your misunderstandings about the hexagram.

YOU: There is not one shred of Scripture which would present the hexagram as a symbol which is associated with the ‘Creator.’
ME: The Star of David (hexagram) is the one symbol and/or geometric shape that perfectly corresponds to the very first verse in the Bible.

In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

– Genesis 1:1

Triangle Up- the Heavens
Triangle Down- the Earth
Both Triangles- God’s Creation (both Heaven and Earth)

Thus, the term ‘Creator’s Star’ originates from two separate ideas- the first one being the understanding that God CREATED both the Heavens and the Earth. So the only way to symbolize His two domains (along with His Dominion over both realms) with a single symbol is to combine the Earthly, downward-pointing triangle with the Heavenly upward-pointing triangle.
The second idea is simply the fact that the hexagram (like the pentagram, or septagram) resembles a star (or sun) with rays of light shooting out from the center due to interference from a hazy or semi-cloudy sky (twinkle, twinkle). So, in all honesty it could simply be called the Creator’s SYMBOL or SYMBOL of Creation, but since hexagrams are traditionally seen as ‘Stars’, the name stuck and has remained the common Christian designation for the Magen David. Keep in mind that this sacred and holy symbol was intended to honor and cherish the God of the Holy Bible (and NOT to honor and cherish the symbol). By the way, the Creator’s Star was always understood to be nothing more than another symbol (like a letter in the Alphabet) by which mere mortals may come closer in their knowledge and understanding of the one, true God (the Creator of both Heaven and Earth).


The Star of David (hexagram) is the perfect symbolic representation for the 6 (create) + 1 (rest) = 7 days of Creation as written in the Book of Genesis. For just as the six days of the week (or of Creation) are considered the same, the 7th day (the Sabbath) is revered by Biblical believers as sacred and holy. Indeed, one of the Ten Commandments demands that mankind ‘keep the Sabbath day holy’.

As it clearly states in Genesis, God created for six days straight and on the 7th day he rested. Keep in mind that, instead of creating anything new, God took the time to bless all of Creation, and then sanctified the 7th day making it holy. As the 7-part Star of David clearly shows, there are six external points (mini-triangles) which happen to be the exact same size and shape. In contrast, the often overlooked 7th part, the central hexagon, is radically different in both size and shape from the 6 outer points- symbolically displaying the crucial spiritual difference between the Sabbath day (7th day of primary importance, Holy) and the other 6 days of the week (1st thru 6th days of secondary importance, Profane).

YOU: There is no Biblical verse which even hints at it being somehow representative of the Trinity.
ME: It is indeed representative of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who informs St. John at the very end of the Book of Revelation the exact names or titles that are most appropriate in describing Him:


I am the root and offspring of David. I am the Bright, Morning Star (Revelation 22:16)

Down Triangle =  ROOT..of David
Up Triangle = OFFSPRING of David
Both Triangles = the Bright Morning STAR
Keep in mind that older English Bibles used to read ‘the Root and Branch of David’. Now it seems foolish to deny that the ‘root and branch’ biblical phrase is not symbolically represented by the two triangles of the Star of David, especially since Jesus has traditionally been known as the Son of David. Without a doubt, the odds that Jesus Christ really is referring directly to the geometric Star of David with his more than obvious above/below metaphor is extremely high. The probability of it being mere coincidence is near impossibility.

YOU: Indeed, the idea of the hexagram enclosing two triangles to represent the Trinity is thoroughly illogical in itself — unless one is of the opinion there are two trinities.
ME: That’s right, there is two trinities (see diagram above). One is the Trinity of God (Father, Son, Holy Ghost). The other is the Trinity of Man (Mind, Body, Soul). Once again this standard Christian understanding of God and Man may be represented (almost PERFECTLY) with the combined triangles of the Star of David. When combined, the resulting hexagram’s top three points symbolize the the Father Son and Holy Spirit in Heaven above (with Jesus at the right hand of the Father), while the bottom three points signify the Minds, Bodies, and Souls of Mankind on Earth below.

Most interesting is the understanding that the earthly Triangle pointing-down (Man) also happens to be a mirror-IMAGE of the Heavenly Triangle pointing up (Triune God). This corresponds strongly to the passage in Genesis describing Man as an image of God, not quite the same as the reality of God, but similar. It clearly states- ‘God Created Man in His image, in the image of God He created them’ This should be listed as follows:

DOWN TRIANGLE: Image of God (Man)
BOTH TRIANGLES: Man of God (Faithful and Obedient Servant of the Biblical God, like David or Jesus)


YOU:  Perhaps the most vehement repudiation of the six pointed star (which features six straight lines, six triangles, and six points) is found in the book of Amos, where the LORD connects the star with the planetary god Saturn — whom the Greeks called Kronos, and the Persians called Kevan
ME: There is absolutely no reason to suppose that this passage refers to a geometric star figure with exactly 6 points. It could JUST AS EASILY have been a 7, or 5, or 8 pointed star. Nothing in the text points to the hexagram, nothing.

I do hope that, even though you are a sincere and fervent Christian believer, you may still entertain the possibility of being mistaken about this very important Biblical symbol of the Messiah Jesus Christ. God bless.

How Direct do Indirect References to the Star of David have to be?



Six extremities: Above and Below, East and West, North and South and the Holy Temple is set in the middle and it supports all of them.

– Sefer Yetzirah 4:4

Certain commentators have made it a point to note that the Star of David is a relatively recent invention (rather than being THE symbol chosen by King David to represent his royal line- the House of David). They have yet to counter the inherently obvious evidence that the Orthodox Jewish text of Kabbalah called the Sefer Yetzirah alludes DIRECTLY to the Star of David on several occasions. The passage cited above happens to be one of the more obvious references. Since most estimates date this text to somewhere between the 1st and 3rd century AD, that means the Star of David has been a Jewish religious symbol for at least 1,700 years!


The Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia’s Royal Family used the Star of David too

Ethiopia’s Order of Solomon’s Seal was created in 1874 by Emperor Yohannes IV. There were four levels in the Order, each with a separate medal. Here are three of them:


Whether today’s Muslims like it or not, the Star of David was/is an Islamic Symbol

The six-pointed star is actually a common symbol throughout many different religions, including Islam. Muslims know the hexagram as the Seal of Solomon — both Solomon and David were prophets, and both are mentioned in the Islamic holy book, the Quran. The hexagram appears in Islamic artifacts and mosques worldwide.

Star of David Vs. Star of Islam,