Stalactites and Stalagmites of the Star of David


The Stalactite is above, and hangs DOWNward like an icicle; the Stalagmite is below and sticks UP.

Stalactites and Stalagmites, Jim Loy, Geology,




The Stalactite and Stalagmite will connect, and become a column.

Stalactites and Stalagmites, Jim Loy, Geology,


SoD Stalactites and Stalagmites

Stalactites hang from the ceiling of a cave while stalagmites grow from the cave floor.

– Stalactite,


The ‘Star of David’ Sapphire, the Largest Cut Sapphire in the World

An example of what the Star of David Sapphire might look like- only a lot bigger!

ANDREWS, N.C. — The world`s largest cut sapphire was put on public display Saturday by the man who found it 18 years ago and kept it under his bed, not realizing its value. Rob Cutshaw said he found the 2,111-carat blue sapphire in 1969 but refused to say where, except that it was near Andrews…

For years Cutshaw kept the stone under his bed, then in a box…Cutshaw contacted gemcutter John Robinson in Plano, Texas, to cut and polish the stone. The 2 1/2-pound stone yielded a 2,111-carat sapphire. The 1987 Guinness Book of World Records lists a 2,302-carat sapphire in Australia but it was cut down to a 1,318-carat gem.

A second example of a Star Sapphire (not the Star of David Sapphire)

On the fourth day of cutting, Robinson discovered a rare pattern that formed a Star of David in the main crystal. Cutshaw said it is one of a kind.

“I felt like God`s got a hand on it, or there wouldn`t have been that Star of David,“ Cutshaw said. Cutshaw has big plans for proceeds from the sale.

“I`d like to help people here,“ he said. “Create some jobs. People have been so nice.“

Sapphire Comes Out Of Closet, April 12, 1987 | United Press International,


A rock hound named Rob Cutshaw owns a little roadside shop outside Andrews, North Carolina…While on a dig twenty years ago, Rob found a rock he described as “purdy and big.” He tried unsuccessfully to sell the specimen, and according to the Constitution, kept the rock under his bed or in his closet. He guessed the blue chunk could bring as much as $500 dollars, but he would have taken less if something urgent came up like paying his power bill.
That’s how close Rob came to hawking for a few hundred dollars what turned out to be the largest, most valuable sapphire ever found. The blue rock that Rob had abandoned to the darkness of a closet two decades ago—now known as “The Star of David” sapphire—weighs nearly a pound, and could easily sell for $2.75 million.

– Star of David, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 17, 1987 edition,


The Pomegranate’s Star of David

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One can’t help being impressed by the possible influence the pomegranate may have had on the design of the Star of David. Something to ponder…

– Star of David – Inspired by the Pomegranate,


A Pomegranate-Flower…to me it looks like a Magen David.

– Pomegranates In The Temple Service, BY ZEEVVEEZ,


Could there be a connection between the Star of David and the pomegranate?…it is time to ponder whether the pomegranate, which is created by nature, could have been a source of inspiration for the creation of the well-known symbol – the Star of David.

– Star of David – Inspired by the Pomegranate,


The pomegranate…was a favorite design element appearing on the priestly garments and on the pillars at…the Temple in Jerusalem. At its crown, the Pomegranate has a six part star and is the only place the Magen David / Star of David appears in nature.

– SONG OF SONGS (7:13), Israel’s 7 Species: The Pomegranate, Today’s Israel365 Scenes and Inspiration,


Jews eat pomegranate seeds at New Year because of a traditional belief that the fruit contains 613 seeds, symbolic of 613 commandments. Continuing the metaphor, the fruit often has a six-pointed crown, which resembles the Star of David.

– Pomegranate (Punica granatum),


If one considers the inter-connection between the pomegranate and its crown (created by nature) on the one hand, and the Star of David with its six points (created by man)…which speaks of nature and its many life forms, then one could regard this to be a very curious coincidence indeed.

– Star of David – Inspired by the Pomegranate,


When the beautiful Scarlet Red blossoms fall off the pomegranate bush, the bud that will become the pomegranate fruit looks exactly like the six pointed star of David, the Magen David, and this pomegranate star is believed to have been the origin of the Star of David.


The Star of David’s Possible White Lily Origins

Another source symbol of the Star of David is “a lily flower, its flowers are very similar to Magen David”. 6 lily flower petals arranged in two triangles on top of each other, and it is very possible that it served as inspiration to symbolize the Star of David. “Lily – as six, six lily flower petals.’

Original Star of David, by Tomb of King David, Kever