The Seal of Solomon could bind Demons

[By] divine assistance the archangel Michael presented him with a magical ring from God- engraved on it was the so-called Seal of Solomon that had the power to bind demons. More than 36 demons could be harnessed through this ring, and King Solomon was said to have utilized some of their magical powers to speed up work on the temple. Other demons were sealed up like genies in a bottle.

– The Varieties of Magical Experience, by Lynne L. Hume and Nevill Drury,


The Seal of Solomon’s Tetragrammaton



We have taught in the Book of THAT Which is Concealed, that there is:
“Yod above, Yod below.”
“Heh above, Heh below.”
“Vav above, Vav below.”

Idra Zuta Qadusha, LESSER HOLY ASSEMBLY 109-111

The Star of David in Islam – A Comprehensive Ikonographic Display

sodislam1BeFunky Collage
Muslim Stars of David in Jerusalem
SODISLAM2BeFunky Collage
Muslim Stars of David
sodislamBeFunky Collage
Muslim Stars of David II
Muslim Stars of David III
sodislamHistoricflagsBeFunky Collage
Islamic Star of David Flags
Muslim Stars of David IV
Dome of the Rock’s Numerous Stars of David

The Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia’s Royal Family used the Star of David too

Ethiopia’s Order of Solomon’s Seal was created in 1874 by Emperor Yohannes IV. There were four levels in the Order, each with a separate medal. Here are three of them: