Phoenix, Arizona Cathedral has Stained Glass Stars of David

Here is another example of a prominent American Protestant Church more than willing to include the Star of David in their Stained Glass imagery. And why not since the Star of David is not only a Jewish symbol, but a CHRISTIAN symbol as well. The two pictures included in this post are from Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix Arizona. It is probably the largest Episcopalian Church in Arizona, if not the entire American Southwest. The Cathedral’s official website had this to say:


The Rose Window North (Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona)

The Rose Window (South)– At the center is a visual expression of the Trinity, threefold in organization yet with a suggestion of infinite complexity. The surrounding areas are organized into triangles, which again symbolize the Trinity. And further, the two large triangles seen superimposed, forming together the Star of David, suggesting the origins of the church.


The Rose Window South (Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona)

The Rose Window (North)– Like the Rose Window, south, this window contains a six pointed Star of David, which is integral to the window’s physical structureRose-Wondow-north. As in the South Rose Window, it represents the continuity of the Judeo-Christian tradition. In this image, the Trinity, symbolizing God at the creation, hovers above the yellow disc of the newly created earth. Below it, on the left side, is a white band, the union of all the colors of the spectrum, on the other side, the different colors of the spectrum show creation in all its diversity.

– The Rose Window Trinity Cathedral