A 13th Century Islamic Flag with the Star of David

SoDislam320px-Candar.svg (1)
Principality of Isfendiyar Flag, 1292-1461 AD

The Isfendiyarids or Isfendiyarid dynasty (Modern Turkish: İsfendiyaroğulları, İsfendiyaroğulları Beyliği), also known as the Beylik of Sinop, the Principality of Isfendiyar and Beylik of Isfendiyar (İsfendiyar Beyliği ), its former name was Jandarids or Principality of Jandar (Candaroğulları, Candaroğulları Beyliği), was an Anatolian Turkoman beylik that ruled…between 1292–1461, in the Black Sea region of modern-day Turkey.

The flag of Jandarids may confuse many with what is now known as the Star of David. In medieval times however, this was not solely a Jewish symbol, but also an Islamic one known as the Seal of Solomon (Suleiman, son of King David) and was extremely popular amongst the Turkish beyliks of Anatolia.

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