List of Various Song References to the Star of David

The Star of David and the California moon
The Santa Ana winds blew warm into your room
We were crazy, wild and running
Blind to the change to come

– Songs From the West Coast, by Elton John

They scan the wall and find his name
The teardrops fall like pourin’ rain
Then silently they leave a gift and go
There’s Stars of David and rosary

– 50,000 Names, by Jamie O’Hara
Doomsday for the Deceiver


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Zeig Heil! All Hail! Zeig Heil!
Star of David ripped to shreds,
Holocaust, twelve million dead,
Der Fuhrer and his master race.

– Der Fuhrer, by Flotsam and Jetsam


But I can’t make thus feeling cease
Cause deep in my soul you left a permanent crease and…
We all got our cross to bear
Our Star of David

– Cross to Bear, by Vonda Shepard


Oh my night sky,
Is full of Stars of David,
Oh they all try,
To catch my eye and show me what they’re made of,
But I already know,

– My Night Sky, by Rasputina


The first was known as magic
And he bore an enchanted heart
A Star of David upon his crest
Was his eternal mark

– Birth of the Three (The Unification), by Orphaned Land


BeFunky Collageeds


We just don’t need no more
Bring the magic of weighted dice
Bring your penchant for dodging wedding rice
Stars of David & shots of Christ

– What 2 Bring, by Marah


Ship sailing to what we hold as true
I got the Star of David hanging over me
But oh mother Mary I find it hard to believe

– Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, by WU LYF


Shalom alechem
Evenu shalom shalom
Shalom alechem

Diamond market in the ghetto
Star of David on my chest
Sex is kosher on the Sabbath

– Israelism, by Army of Lovers


Through the darkest night
Send down Your holy light
Star of David, the Prophet?s star
Yahweh, God come to where we are
Star to mark the Messiah?s birth

– One Wintry Night: A David Phelps Christmas, by David Phelps



The Star of David…
Do you believe in the web the spinners spun
Do you believe in the Blair war on terror
Do you believe what you were taught at school

– No Place for the Innocent, by Pendragon


Lil’ Jewish princess, never recognized
Replaced the Star of David for the ones in your eyes
So you popped a Vicodin and ran away from everyone

– Diary of a San Fernando Sexx Star, by Butch Walker


Fought to capitulation or death. Either him or you.
Cannon fodder dressed up proud to fight or even die.
Carrying cross of Christ, the Star of David

– War Supply. by Bathory


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Harlem once was red line district rated
Designated ghetto like the yellow Star of David
And you wonder why people don’t own their homes

– Harlem Renaissance, by Immortal Technique

Not in our town.
The cop was not unfriendly. He said, “Ma’am, if I were you,
I’d take down that menorah, the Star of David, too.”

– Not in Our Town, by Fred Small


The messiah, the religion
There’s a thousand faces, more than the cross and the Star of David
I’m the combination of God and Satan
The humble shepherd,

– Cult Leader, by Non-Phixion


My repertoire upper echelon you should tag along
Is your cousin far?
What we doing here and speaking ?
Raw, fuck you hard
I’m a midnight star David

– It’s Yo S**t [*], by Tyga, Chris Brown, Wale


King David’s Star
And the crescent moon, and the crescent moon
You must sweep the Bodhi tree
I sit beneath, I sit beneath…

– White Shoes, by Conor Oberst